JNH Band (Jud Nathan and Heath  to  Juds New Harmony)  has been an amazing ride!  I recall starting the group in my living room with Heath and inviting Nathan over to sing with us.  After a few short months of learning some songs we had our first show at The Fineline Music Cafe.  It is hard to believe that was nearly 13.5 years ago.  Since those days Heath moved back to Montana with his family and Nathan and I continued to perform.  We released to albums Vol 1 and Live within 3 years.  We grew the group into a large format band / show and performed all over the midwest.

Nathan and I took this version on our musical performance to the limits.  We struggled with time, money, and will power but in the end; we always made it work.  We believe that treating people as best as we good would make up for any incidences.  We believe that the music we perform is second to the people that join us every night.

Jud Hailey and The New Harmony has been the latest evolution and carried us through 2014, 2015, and 2016.  We made brothers and sisters with each performer that joined us on stage.  We continue to stay close and in some occasions perform individually.  Honestly, I would never have been able to perform as a full band without the amazing talents that joined me on stage.  To you bandmates; Thank you for being apart of something special to me!

As for me, I continue to perform 3-4 nights a week with Nathan.  Recently, I began writing again and even recording.  I have finished a song soon to be released called Jackson Hole.  I have decided to release Jackson Hole under my name (Jud Hailey).  This is the reason for the change in direction.  I will still be performing great music in Minnesota weekly.  I hope to see you at the next show soon.

Thanks for your Continued Support!

Jud Hailey (www.judhailey.com)

Jan 17, 2017

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